Pros and cons of inflation essay

He maintains that this is a simple yet non-exaggerated version of the complicated one.

Pros and cons of inflation essay

Prologue Next article is Fed tapering and its impact on Indian Economy.

Pros and cons of inflation essay

IF your basics are clear. Leonardo DiCaprio As such a Hollywood actor. Tom Cruise As such a Hollywood actor. American share market investments as foreign institutional investment FII in India, China and other countries. These Borrowers stopped paying installment and the banking system collapses.

Most of you know this already.

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But to understand Quantitative Easing and Fed Tapering, we need a little deeper understanding of what exactly happened in subprime crisis? Initially, American Retail Banker Mr. He gives these files to Tom Cruise, the investment banker. Sells them at American market.

If anything bad happens, Tom can attach those homes, auction then, and return money to those bond-holders. Shares, bonds, IPOs, debentures…. Not important for exam because too old topic. Tom Cruise, the investment banker Leonardo please get me more loan papers. So, I can printout more MBS securities!

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And our citigroup makes even more profit! In short, our gameplan is safe and secure. Leo Starts giving loan to sub-prime borrowers. Later, one by one, sub-prime borrowers stop EMI payments. So, Tom attaches the houses of loan-defaulters. He tries to auction them, to recover loan money and pay off those stupid investors.

Same is the situation in American real-estate sector. What do we have now? In India, we may have called them NPA, non-performing assets. Banks are not giving loans to new customers fearing more toxic assets and loan-default. One solution will be: Central Bank should lend new money to Retail banks at very cheap interest rate.1) Consider the following statements.

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Pros and cons of inflation essay

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