The story and theme behind george melies film a trip to the moon

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The story and theme behind george melies film a trip to the moon

Why is it so beloved and how did it drill down so deeply into our pop culture? Released on DVD and Blu-ray. Seek out new life forms and new civilizations—and kill them. Some films are famous for certain scenes. Many have lines of quotable dialogue. However, there is a very small and exclusive club of movies that are remembered and symbolized by a single image.

Here it comes… A face in the moon with a rocket in its eye. That image from A Trip to the Moon is so famous that it is instantly recognizable even to people who have never seen a single silent film.

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Wells among other sources all played with tongue in cheek. He intends to build a large, bullet-shaped metal capsule and fire himself to the moon with a giant cannon. His plan is dismissed as madness but five of his colleagues agree to accompany him.

Seems reasonable to me. The massive cannon is soon constructed, Barbenfouillis and company climb into their vessel and are shot at the moon. The moon is as magical as Barbenfouillis had promised but the little party is soon set upon by the acrobatic Selenites, the native inhabitants of the moon.

Barbenfouillis manages to kill their king with his umbrella and the scientists escape and climb back into the capsule. They make it back to earth and are feted for their adventures. The story may seem simple to us today but it was quite an elaborate production for Keep in mind that projecting films for a paying audience was less than a decade old.

The star and studio systems were in embryonic stages. Also, further examination of the tale shows us that the story may not be as simple as we think. The whimsical path of destruction wrought by Barbenfouillis and his associates suddenly takes on disturbing real-world implications.

Show me more of the moon ladies. Of course, if the social and political satire flies over the heads of modern viewers, we can at least take comfort in the fact that contemporary audiences also took the film at face value and simply enjoyed the fantastic adventures.

It also became one of the most pirated films in the young film industry. It was stolen, it was imitated and, ultimately, it was almost lost. Its recovery is one of the success stories of film preservation and part of the secret of its longevity.

Why do we remember it? Thousands of short films were released during the first decade of commercial moviemaking. Out of those thousands, why is this film the one that has drilled deep into our consciousness?The Smashing Pumpkins released a music video for their single, "Tonight, Tonight", highly inspired by Georges Méliès's film A Trip to the Moon.

The music video was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

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George Méliès *A plotted fictional film. *Techniques such as cutting are used to show time passing.


*Tom Gunning: "not simply precursors of later narrative cinema," but " the story provides a frame a demonstration of the magical possibilities of the cinema.".

"Her first book, labored over for years, and launched full of the high hopes and ambitious dreams of youth, floundered on its voyage, though the wreck continued to float long afterward, to the profit of the publisher at least.

The story and theme behind george melies film a trip to the moon

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